Who We Are

We are a group of passionate young Canadians with a common goal: to simplify the lives of our fellow citizens through innovative solutions.
Our aim is to provide affordable tools that allow people to tackle everyday household projects with confidence while saving tons of money. By connecting homeowners with skilled craftsmen through our platform, we aim to not only empower individuals, but also create new opportunities for business people to expand their income streams. Together, we work to positively impact the lives of Canadians by changing the way homes are maintained and repaired.

Our Mission

Empowering Confidence through Real-Time Information for Home Improvement

Our objective is to empower people by offering real-time information and help, allowing them to make confident decisions when purchasing supplies for home repairs or construction projects. We want to democratise information and modify people’s approaches to home renovation, ensuring that everyone has the resources they need to execute their jobs successfully.

Transforming the Lives of HandyMan: A New Era of Remote Earning Opportunities

Our mission is to revolutionize the lives of hardworking and skilled HandyMan by providing them with a revenue source that transcends physical presence. Through our platform, HandyMan can now earn income while spending quality time with their families or enjoying moments of relaxation on a beach. We are committed to creating a whole new way of life for HandyMan, empowering them with remote earning opportunities that offer flexibility, financial stability, and a renewed sense of fulfillment in their chosen profession

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